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Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunts

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Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Spring Snow Goose Hunt Philosophy
Here at Midwest Migrators L.LC. our main goal is to make your time with us as memorable and successful as possible. During the Spring Snow Goose season we may have to adapt and change up our hunting techniques to constantly stick with the migration and hunt able numbers of birds. With this come top of the line equipment and guides willing to go the extra mile to make it a successful hunt. Staying mobile and scouting hard to find that big concentration of birds to hunt during your time with us. We hunt locations we know have always held big concentration of geese in the past and have hunted the same fields and areas for years. This allows us to stay on top of the game and set migrator fields and spreads under the flight line or feed fields. If the birds pick up and leave in a days notice we always have scouts out mapping out our next jump to where the geese will be next.

South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunts

When hunting spring snow geese weather is a big factor and the migrations can be unpredictable at times, but can produce some of the best and most enjoyable hunts you will ever experience. With daily average anywhere from 15-30 and when it all works out you could see a 80-100 bird day. Our hunts last all day but our guides take a midday break.

Where We Hunt

Our Spring Snow Goose season usually starts off around the 20th of February around NW Missouri/SE Nebraska from there we move up to Eastern Nebraska until around March 16 then on to Southern South Dakota ending our season April 1. We move with the migration so some areas we stay a little longer and others only a week or two.

Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Our Equipment
Each one of our Snow Goose Spreads consists of anywhere from (1500-2000) windsock decoys, we do have flyers and rotary machines and top of the line electronic callers. We hunt out of HS hitman layout blinds that are roomy and comfortable. We do not mix parties that have 6 hunters in there own group and try to run a maximum of 8 hunters to a field depending on your group size.
What To Bring

Weather can change at a moments notice during the spring so expect to pack some layers to keep warm and shed when it warms up during the day. Waterproof clothes and knee boots for days when the fields are muddy. Camera to capture memories, Coolers and ziploc bags for birds. We tell everyone to bring 2-3 boxes of shells for each day you hunt with us. Preferable 12 or 10 gauge 2 or BB shot size.

Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts


Spring Snow Goose Rates And Packages

*Our 3 day Spring Snow Goose Hunt Packages are: $700/Gun 

*Includes Lodging, Breakfast, Kitchen to cook your own meals, Drinks.

 Without Lodging

Our 3 day Spring Snow Goose Hunt Packages are: $525/Gun

Our 1 day Spring Snow Goose Hunt Packages are: $200/Gun

*2 Person Minimum*


Note: This is just the guide fee and does not include meals and lodging. But we do offer group rates as well. Gratuities are also appreciated to the guides for a job well done. These prices do not include lodging, bird cleaning or disposal!
A 50% NON refundable deposit is due the time of booking to ensure your spot and allow us to plan for each season.


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