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Introducing The Midwest Migrators Team~

Outfitter: Kalend McCurdy

Owner/ Operator:
Kalend McCurdy

Started guiding for a local duck club during the fall 7 years and and spring snows geese for the last 6. Starting out hunting on the Platte river at a very young age allowed me to witness the fun and slow times that came with hunting waterfowl. Granite most scenarios work a lot when it comes to hunting, but you have to be willing to change a few things up when the birds are not working in your favor.  Being able to hunt everyday of the season allows you learn different options to hunting waterfowl on any given day whether the weather is from 0 to 70 degrees. This is what make my job fun and rewarding to experience clients from across the country to come in and see what the midwest has to offer and leave with a memorable experience.

Outfitter: Clint Didier

Owner/ Operator
Clint Didier

With many years of waterfowl hunting experience behind myself, I have been guiding hunters for the last 6 years across the midwest since starting Midwest Migrators L.L.C along with Kalend. Grew up hunting the famed Platte River! When it comes to hunting I am always learning that next move it takes to consistently harvest waterfowl in any circumstance. From chasing honkers and greenhead in dry fields to late season snow covered honker hunts in january, its enjoyable taking groups of hunters out to show them the best waterfowl hunting experience possible.

Waterfowl Guide: Nick Virichacek

Spring Snow Goose/Waterfowl Guide
Nick Brichacek

Waterfowl Guide: Adam Baumert

Spring Snow Goose Guide
Adam Baumert

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